Tuesday, February 20, 2007


We decided to take a break for our Tuesday show, steering clear of the studio just in case any of the guys we featured will stake out the place and attempt to kill us. We will be back on Thursday with more exciting stuff.... provided that we're still alive by then too.

In the meantime, if you missed our Week 7 Thursday show here's a rerun of our SMU Bachelor's and just exactly why we think they're so eligible for this prestigious title.

Don't miss us too much!

Friday, February 16, 2007

SMU's Eligible Bachelors (or not)

Valentine's day and how it's overrated. commercialism and money spending becomes what defines TRUE love and forever happiness. never knew a trip to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's day meant the relationship was set in stone and meant to be. or we could just be lovelorn cynics. hahaha...

Friendster and it's quirky statuses. it's complicated? is it, really? go figure.

Highlight of the day's show:
featuring the cream of the crop, 7 eligible bachelors for the take. or so we think.

Our very own BE boys from School of Business...

DARYL TAY - funky guy who loves freshmen girls, owns kickass shirts and wields power in SMUBE, previously being programming director (music), and now vice president. loves Fall Out Boy and would love u to go to their upcoming concert with him. that's if you manage to get his attention. girls, fight hard!

TERENCE KOH - reigning president of SMUBE. also fitness instructor in our school gym. brains, brawn, and power. what else could a girl ask for?

ALEX LEE - though not the man himself (wang leehom is also know as Alex Lee Hom Wang on wikipedia), this guy is charming in his own way. gorgeous house, friendly personality, and very much funny. nothing attracts a girl like humor and charm.

School of Information Systems...

ANDREW WONG - vice-president of SA who also owns the 2006 Victoria Secrets show on his harddrive. friendly, helpful, and power. lethal combination.

KELVIN - no idea what his last name is, but nida finds him charming enough but ann should know him much better than anyone. president of SISS. power. nothing beats a man with power. notice how all our bachelors have some sort of power position?

School of Accountancy...

ZULFARHAN - freshman! represent. just when we thought no freshman would come out to pull the ranks. thinks of himself as a female (sensitive new age guy, girls). what else can u ask for? check out the zul a few years back (he's the one on the left). we promise he has since morphed into a piece of hot stuff.

School of Social Science...

AMOS SIOW - the name itself speaks volumes. famous amos. though he (unfortunately) doesn't own the cookie factory, he is very much a power-packed cookie in his own right. singapore rugby union, runs at the speed of light, and has his name in multiple articles, blogs, and what not. does kickass videos, studies hard, plays sports well. also loves Victoria Secret models. sounds too good to be true? sadly enough, it is. sorry girls! just found out that our very eligible bachelor has since been snatched up. see how hot our bachelors are? one's already lost!!! let us join our hands and mourn for a minute.

so before you lose your chance to swipe at our remaining 6 bachelors (or so we think they are), hurry and go google, wikipedia, oasis, or microsoft office email them!!! and if you find out they're single, GOOD FOR YOU! just don't tell them we told you =P we would very much want our lives. and if they're attached, OOPS. we promise we'll check thoroughly before we pimp people on the show.

forget CLEO's 50 Bachelors. we have our very own Bachelors in SMU. if not single men, at least Bachelor degrees.

Disclaimer: Having spent some time in our fashionista university, these men no longer resemble their respective mug shots. Do not be deceived! They are 8902310931453 times hotter in real life!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The One About The Grammies and the Wednesday Rule

And we are back on track with hot and toasty news from the press about


Record of the Year goes to the Dixie Chicks with Not Ready To Make Nice off their recent album Taking the Long Way. They won 4 grammy awards! Is it political? Is it any good? You decide for yourself:

We are so so glad that James Blunt didn't win anything. But we're completely baffled on how he managed to get 5 nominations!

We were disappointed that Imogen Heap - an artist we featured not too long ago - didn't win her nominee for Best New Artist. She lost out to America's Sweetheart Carrie Underwood.

For the rest of the list of winners.


Source picture: Makansutra

If you are a fan of chocolate cake, this is the cake for you! Jane's Cake Station at Jalan Kayu serves up the real deal. We're having none of that fluffy creamy chocolate mush, although fluffy creamy chocolate mush can be as tasty too. It's two layers of very soft chocolate sponge with a layer of fudge in between, enrobed in more chocolate fudge. It's not too sweet but very very chocolatey. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The small size costs $28. Northerners should be familiar with Jalan Kayu hidden in the depths of Yio Chiu Kang and it's famous for its prata. Unfortunately you'll have to call in first to make sure you get a cake though! But we assure you it's worth the call.

Jane's Cake Station

265 Jalan Kayu
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 12pm-6.30pm,
Sun & Public Holidays 12pm-4pm
Closed on Wednesday
Phone: 6481-1322

The Wednesday Rule
If you wish to woo thy significant other over the weekend, ask her by Wednesday.

People have been asking questions about this rule. This rule commands that if you wish to date a girl, it's always a good idea to get the whole shebang of asking by Wednesday. Why? Because it just increases the chances of her saying yes, leaving your ego intact and your weekend filled with some fun activities. (:

Here's our reasoning:
Courtesy - It gives her ample time. She might want to prep for your date: buy a new dress, wax, do a swift gender repositioning surgery, etc. Who knows? It could be for your own benefit ;)
Cover - She may turn you down simply because she wants to look busy instead of sounding too eager or too free.
Casual - asking a girl a day or even two days before the D-day looks casual - too casual. If this is your intention, then so be it. You run the risk of making the date sound unimportant. Like i said this rule applies when you are trying to woo her. Don't be surprised if she refuses for some other more worthwhile activities such as cleaning out her belly-button fluff. If she really is cleaning out her belly button fluff over spending time with you..... she's probably not interested if you're alive or not.

But come on! This is SMU. Even if she is interested in you she might be genuinely busy with the multitude of project meetings, CCA meetings and general mugging. So before her calendar gets filled, reserve a space in her schedule and maybe you'll be able to reserve a space in her heart. (:

It's a theory, not a law, so take our advice with a pinch of salt and date wisely kids! Have fun on Vee-day!