Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kebabs, OC, and old school music

today we played pop. tonnes of it. as much as you would like to argue and exclaim that you are so above teenybopper hits, you had to admit that at some point in your life, you bopped to them. so embrace it. just embrace it.

Featured Artist: Imogen Heap.
and no, it's not the name of a band. it's just one person. a woman, to be exact. her songs were featured on The OC, the one Marissa dies in. sadness fills the heart. and i'm not being sarcastic here. it really did fill my heart. what a sap i've become. anyways, that's besides the point. check this lady out (Imogen, not Marissa).

Kebab @ Paradiz
if you've long gotten sick of the food in kopitiam, killiney and pick&bite, give this place a visit. prices aren't a steal ($5-$8), but the food's not bad. authentic middle eastern food right here in paradiz. and there's actually a mcdonald's in paradiz! okay, that's besides the point.

Movies movies movies...
Miss Potter is out today you guys. go catch it! renee zellweger and ewan mcgregor can't go wrong.

next week...
personality tests and weighty horrors... *shivers*

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Coming up on our Tuesday Show....

HEALTHY FASTFOOD?!.... is the biggest oxymoron in the dieting world! We've got 10 'healthy' choices from the most popular fastfood chains in the world.
Friendster, Myspace, Facebook - the networking phenomenon that introduced more freaks into your daily life... and The Gahmen: are they really monitoring you?
Cake of the Week: fancy-pantsy Menotti's and plus we'll reveal a secret to getting these delicious goodies at a muuuuuuch cheaper deal ;)
y'know that Association of Southeast Asian Nations - attempts to get funky with the young people.
...and all the events coming up n the month of February

Friday, January 26, 2007

The final rant on Beyonce (or at least i think so)

so this week on The Eclectic...

we saw how the weird seem to have taken over the world. there was the man who chose to forgo his flight so as to "stand up for free speech", the pet owner who created beer for his dog (poor poor canine...), and the kazahk dude who smuggled 500 parrots in his Audi.
for those poor souls out there who are aimlessly lost and helplessly stressed, feel free to check out more of such weird news. they're all true. yahoo swears.

the biggest weird news from the day's show: DreamGirls gettin 8 Oscar Nominations. for you Oscar fans out there, the live telecast's gonna be on 25th Feb. can't wait to see just how many golden men DreamGirls brings home. perhaps this ain't the final rant on Beyonce, after all. hahahaha... the woman should just stick to singing and looking good in her music videos. Beyonce fans, feel free to make some noise.

and hooray for the bored. a new spot for you to crash and chill around. Botak Jones.
with selective outlets around singapore, botak jones offers a mouth-watering and gigantic portion of american food. enough said. check the website out =)

what's more, there's also the new burst of movie releases. One Last Dance (for the chinese action lovers), Pan's Labyrinth (for the creative kid stuck in a cultured adult's body), Bobby (for political activists), Happy Birthday (for the hopeless saps), the list just goes on. we're in SMU, for goodness' sake. cathay & GV's just next door. literally.

finally, tips for the clueless. you wanna ask this guy/girl who's been occupying your every waking thought out. if the event's over the weekend, for goodness' sake, ask him/her by wednesday. LATEST. anytime after that is just disrespectful and presumptuous. assuming the love of your life would be free every other day is just plain dumb.
but then again, there's only so much love advice two single girls can give. hahahahaha. take our advice at your own risk.

This week's Featured Artist: Fastball.
and if wikipedia or The Eclectic managed to hook you, check out the band's official site.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The One About Butter

On our Tuesday show......

Butter [or Buttah] - in rap lingo, butter means well-liked and smooth

And that's how we like it here at The Eclectic Room: buttery, artery clogging and so orgasmically sinful.

Cake of The Week
For this week's feature we picked out something buttery and well-liked:

The Donut Factory
You've heard about it, read about it and probably attempted to queue for it. We know we did and the 1 hour wait is worth every single bite of the donuts. The Donut Factory donuts are supposedly the closest thing to the legendary All-American Krispy Kreme - the Highest Pinnacle of Doughnut-hood EVAR - and it might be fitting. Their donuts are ever so light and melts in your mouth due to their special yeast raised dough which makes them so fluffy. Regular donuts are mammoth-like monstrosity in comparison. And the wait? They pamper each holey ring of goodness with such care. How can you resist?

Here's a list of their donuts to salivate over:Photo Credit: ST Foodies
From top left to right:Peanut butter glazed, strawberry white chocolate, spicy cheese, hazelnut milk chocolate, Lotus mocha, orange white chocolate, apple cinnamon, double chocolate, white strawberry heart, kaya with chocolate, blueberry glazed, peanut dark chocolate
Not shown: wasabi cheese, cheese tartar, normal glazed

The Donut Factory,
B1-61, Raffles City,
tel: 6337-6268.
Opening hours: 12.30pm to 10pm daily

Here on The Eclectic our philosophy is we work hard and we play hard, so it only make sense that we help you on how to study the smart way. We promise it's completely legal.

Effective Studying Tips
  1. Study with people you don't like talking to. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer
  2. Plug in headphones to avoid people from disturbing you... even if you're not playing anything at all
  3. Never study in a GSR unless you've fulfilled no. 1

And of course the evil, hypocritical world of Class Participation:

How to Score Class Participation Without Incurring The Wrath of Your Class Mates
  1. Speak at least once a class, not once every 10 minutes.
  2. Don't hog 'air time". If you like hearing to the sound of your own voice, you should be in Campus Radio
  3. Make sure the TA and your teacher knows your name and if you're lucky, how to pronounce it properly. Flirting may be required.
  4. General Rule: If you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, shut up.
  5. Still oblivious? If more than 5 people are shooting you deadly amounts of death rays every time you open your mouth, here's a clue: shut it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

On our next show (Week 4, Tuesday, 2-4pm):
Salacious Tips on How to Study Smart in SMU

Class Participation: Public Enemy #1

Cake of the Week
The Most Celebrated & The Most Queued After: THE DONUT FACTORY

The Science of Donuts

..... And of course new movies, SA Week, nifty places to see and things to do!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Day On A Brand New Planet

ec·lec·tic // [i-klek-tik]

1.selecting or choosing from various sources.
2.not following any one system but selecting and using what are considered the best elements of all systems.
Source: Dictionary.com
So what is The Eclectic Room?
We'll take you on a ride of the weird and wonderful. Each week we will introduce you to nifty little-known places to check out, super duper important lessons to learn, insanely delicious cakes to devour and songs you never knew you loved. So fall in love with life with us, Ann and Nida, and tune in to The Eclectic Room, Every Tuesday and Thursday, 2-4pm on Campus Radio - your station, your music!