Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kebabs, OC, and old school music

today we played pop. tonnes of it. as much as you would like to argue and exclaim that you are so above teenybopper hits, you had to admit that at some point in your life, you bopped to them. so embrace it. just embrace it.

Featured Artist: Imogen Heap.
and no, it's not the name of a band. it's just one person. a woman, to be exact. her songs were featured on The OC, the one Marissa dies in. sadness fills the heart. and i'm not being sarcastic here. it really did fill my heart. what a sap i've become. anyways, that's besides the point. check this lady out (Imogen, not Marissa).

Kebab @ Paradiz
if you've long gotten sick of the food in kopitiam, killiney and pick&bite, give this place a visit. prices aren't a steal ($5-$8), but the food's not bad. authentic middle eastern food right here in paradiz. and there's actually a mcdonald's in paradiz! okay, that's besides the point.

Movies movies movies...
Miss Potter is out today you guys. go catch it! renee zellweger and ewan mcgregor can't go wrong.

next week...
personality tests and weighty horrors... *shivers*

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